Today we’re taking a field trip to the museum level from DARK, a place where medieval and modern architecture mix. It’s a combination that creates an enthralling and eerie atmosphere.

You may think of mummies when you think of museums, but our museum level is all about our blood-drinking friends (or fiends).

The museum currently houses an exhibition of medieval era items which fit into the plans of the museum’s vampiric executives. Besides impressive castles and suits of medieval armor, the exhibition showcases many instruments of torture and medieval weaponry. All of which could be very useful for sinister purposes…

There’s no way to ignore the museum, as Eric desperately needs the Director’s blood. To get to him, Eric has to get past dozens of M17 soldiers and watchmen – preferably as quietly as possible. It’s easier said than done, as sometimes if players are too close to an exhibit it will activate, lighting up and launching into an audio “tour”. This will draw plenty of attention to Eric and his actions, which you obviously don’t want to happen when your goal is to hide yourself in the DARK.



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