DARK comes out of the shadows! Since E3 2012, we have been giving members of the press a chance to look at early versions of DARK, and they’ve come away very impressed.

Eurogamer – “Vampires Done Right”
“(DARK)…looks to bring about one of the most innovative approaches to stealth around. Part Deus Ex, part Splinter Cell, and part Vampire: The Masquerade, Dark’s unique mechanics look far too enticing to stay buried in the shadows.”

Vagary.tv – “Dark takes a different approach to the stealth genre.”
“Dark, developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso is one of the most promising surprises with and anticipated-2013 release.”

Gamedynamo – “Stealthy Gothic Vampire Action”
“DARK has a great atmosphere and mood, and the developers know exactly the style and game they are going for, through and through.”

Gamercast – “…Stealth is the key…”
” …it looks like DARK could be the game to bring the integrity of the super powered beings back to cool status in the eyes of gamers.”

Gamespy – “Get Your Vampire Fix with Kalypso’s Dark”

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